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LED Lighting Controllers – Us vs. Them

October 15, 2015 1 min read

LED Lighting Controllers – Us vs. Them

Waterproofing - Vehicle LED controllers are used outside so waterproofing is important. Learn how each unit is waterproofed and why potting is the premier waterproofing technique. Potting fully coats and protects the circuit boards and prevents any water from getting inside.

LED Drivers - The size of the LED drivers determines how many lights the controller can drive. Some of the competition need to use boosters to control the lights depends on the number of LED lights you are controlling. Don't get stuck at a limit when you want to add more lights later.

Aluminum Construction - Aluminum construction of the JoeFlorida controller accomplishes durability and heat control. Because our LED controllers can control so many lights we use the aluminum housing to conduct the heat away from our big LED drivers.

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