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LED Strip Comparison – Us vs. Them

October 16, 2015 3 min read

LED Strip Comparison – Us vs. Them

LED Technology – We packaging of the multi-color LEDs can come in many shapes and sizes. Most LED strips on the market today utilize 5050 LED Chips. Within these chips are red, blue, and green LED diodes. Turning the LEDs on and off super fast allows us to create different colors by mixing the three colors together. The on/off function occurs so fast your eyes cannot detect that the lights are turning on and off. Some LED strips use single color 5050 chips next to each other to produce the mixing of color. In this case the mixing is not done within a single package but with LED packages of the different colors placed next to each other.

LED Density – When comparing LED strips you want to look at LED density. If the strips utilize the same 5050 chip technology then the amount of light they produce depends on how many LEDs are included in an area on your vehicle. The more LEDs, the more light is produced. Joe Florida offers more LEDs.

LED Binning – This is a process in manufacturing and sorting LEDs. The more expensive LEDs are sorted in a much tighter color band than the less expensive ones. Unfortunately, you will need to take the manufacturers word for which LEDs they buy. By the time you need to know, when you are adding more strips to your vehicle, it will be too late. At Joe Florida, we buy the best LEDs with a very tight color band.

Installation – When installing the strips on your vehicle you want the strips to fit perfectly. Being able to cut strips in closer increments allows this to happen. Depending on the type of coating, some strips are not able to be cut. Generally, the strips can be cut in groups of 3 LEDs per section. Joe Florida strips are able to be cut and are able to be cut in the smallest increments. The strips with a connector on each end allows you to utilize both sides of a strip that you may cut.

Construction – Strain relieve where the wire meets the LED strips are very important. The point where the wire is soldered to the strip is a big source of strain as the strip is adhered to the vehicle and the wire is run to the controller. At Joe Florida we use triple strain relief heat shrink in this area for maximum strain relief.

Coatings – There are different types of coating technology for LED strips. Some of the strips use a poured and cured adhesive and others slide the strip into a silicone sleeve. Both kinds are completely waterproof. However, the silicone sleeve strips are much thicker and therefore harder to hide on your vehicle.

Adhesive – Adhering the LED strips to your motorcycle is critical. After all, it is a key element in the lighting technology. It is important that high quality 3M tape is used and that the tape runs the entire length of the strip. The ends of the strip are where the adhesive tape is mostly likely to start peeling up. For maximum adhesion, you want to use 3M Primer before putting the strip on your vehicle. Make sure this is included in any kit you buy.

Connectors – Most LED strips on the market today come with connectors. However, there are still some that do not. In most multi-color LED strips there are 4 wires in each strip. Without connectors, the installation can be very time consuming as you will need to splice all of the wires from all of the strips together at the controller.

All of these items are important to take into consideration when making an LED lighting purchase. 

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