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More Polaris Slingshot LED Lighting Packages Available Now From Joe Florida

May 29, 2015 2 min read

Joe Florida is proud to be the first LED company to offer our Standard Under Body Polaris Slingshot accent light package. We've had such great success with it we're introducing 4 more members to the Polaris Slingshot LED lighting family, We have added the Standard and Deluxe Interior packages, a Deluxe Under Body kit and the Ultimate Full Body (UFB) kit that lights up the interior and exterior.

As with all of our kits, you'll get everything you need to complete your project, including full instructions. All kits are expandable, so you can start with a simple interior kit and build it up to the Ultimate Full Body (UFB) kit of your dreams. They are also modular, meaning you can put the lights where you think they look sharpest. We also offer the best Bluetooth Enabled Smartphone Control box, the Mirage J-Link, exclusively. It offers not only millions upon millions of combinations of colors and transitions; it also offers our exclusive battery saver feature and the ultimate safety product, our brake mode.

The Interior Standard kit will light up four areas inside your cabin (the under dash area and under each seat) and will add a nice, subtle color changing element to your interior. The Deluxe Interior kit includes everything that comes in the Standard kit, plus additional strips to highlight the doors and behind the two seats. Deluxe kits will really make your interior light up.

For the exterior, we started with our Standard Under Body Kit. Here is a picture of it installed by a customer on his Slingshot.

As you can see, it provides excellent coverage around the entire vehicle. By moving up to the Deluxe Under Body Kit, you'll get strips that highlight the center of the Polaris from front to back and fill in the dark spots in the center. Finally, we have the Ultimate Full Body (UFB) kit. This will light up your hood scoops, vents, interior, exterior and everywhere else on your Slingshot. It is the most comprehensive package available for a Polaris Slingshot.

Your kits range from $104.99 for the Standard Interior kit all the way up to $1179.99 for the UFB kit with a Mirage J-Link Smartphone controller. 

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