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See The Top 8 Reasons To Buy LED Accent Lighting Kits From Joe Florida

April 15, 2015 2 min read

Top 8 Reasons To Buy LED Kits From Joe Florida

  1. Joe Florida LED lights AND controllers are completely waterproof. I mean, put them in a bucket of water and they still operate perfectly waterproof. Want proof?

    The SHOCKING Truth About Joe Florida LED Lights
  2. All of our strips to size every 3 LED lights. This provides the perfect fit for your vehicle.
  3. Connecting the lights back to the control box is super easy with our Quick Connectors. There is a short extension on each strip, so you can remove your tank, bags, fenders, etc. without undoing your whole kit or damaging the kit in any way. No cumbersome wire nuts to connect the strips to.
  4. The brightest chips, placed closest together equals the brightest strips in the business.
  5. All kits include everything you need to install it on your bike. No additional wires, primer, controls, switches or anything else is required. Shoot, we also provide alcohol wipes and wire ties.
  6. You get more LEDs, better LEDs and higher quality LEDs for less money than others. Our kits are the best value on the market.

    Note: We also don't try to fool you by saying that each of or tri-color LED chips (which include a blue, green and red diode to mix colors on the chip) is a separate LED. That's why you don't see kits with 702 LEDs on them. Our 234 LED kit has 234 tri-color LED chips. That's 702 diodes, but you really only care about the 234 lights you see.
  7. Our controller can handle over 1500 tri-color LED chips. No need for amplifier or extension boxes to be added. Now that’s a lot of light!
  8. No need to buy extension cables and y-connectors for your add on Joe Florida LED strips. All of the strips we offer come with the extension cables and Y-connectors to add it on to your existing kit are included in the price. We make the crazy assumption that you'll need all of the parts required to add it strip(s) to your vehicle. An LED accent lighting kit does you no good without all that stuff.

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