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Stay Safe, Stay Bright, Be Seen: How LED Lighting Can Save Your Life

February 15, 2015 1 min read

When riding your vehicle at night, visibility is the key to safety. Super bright LED lighting can be seen from a mile away. Even in highway traffic, this gives you an extra minute of visibility. People are much more likely to recognize a vehicle coming with those lights shining.

When your out on your snow sled tooling around in the dark woods, it can really benefit you & your group. We have a volunteer snowmobile rescues service that sets up their teams by color coordinating them with LED lighting. It also allows victims to more easily spot help and draw attention. If you are stuck, but you can flash your lights, your chances of being found go up significantly.

It makes riding your ATV or Side by Side more fun & safe. You can use them as work lights, party lights and safety lights out on the trails or in the woods.

Police & Fire Departments throughout the United States choose Joe Florida LEDs on their trucks & bikes. When you're on the side of the road helping a motorist, keeping our First Responders safe. We are proud that several of them choose our LED lights to help protect their lives.

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