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What Kit Is The Best Fit? Part Three: Suzuki

March 04, 2015 1 min read

We get tons of calls, emails and message on Facebook about "Which kit should I get for my bike?" Here's a guide to help you decide. We don't specify an exact kit for an exact bike because people are looking for different effects. Also, please note that the C stands for Cruiser, T for Touring and S for Sport. Hopefully that helps you narrow down your choices. Today's group is for Suzuki lovers!


Style How Lit? Joe Florida Kit
Hayabusa Really Lit Up 234S · Multi-Color · Single Color
Hayabusa Lit Well 90S · Multi-Color · Single Color
Boulevard Full Lit 288T · Multi-Color
Boulevard Lit Well 180C · Multi-Color · Single Color
Boulevard Engine & Road Coverage 72C · Multi-Color · Single Color
V-Storm Lit Up 234S · Multi-Color · Single Color
V-Storm Great Lighting 144C · Multi-Color · Single Color
V-Storm Engine & Road Coverage 54C · Multi-Color · Single Color
GSX Fully Blown 234S · Multi-Color · Single Color
GSX Lit Up 162S · Multi-Color · Single Color
GSX Engine & Road Coverage 54C · Multi-Color · Single Color

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