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What Sets Joe Florida LED Lights Apart From The Rest?

July 23, 2015 1 min read

We're always making videos and writing blogs to show how great our LEDs and Controllers are. But what exactly sets them apart from the competition and why should you go with Joe Florida? Here are some facts to help you decide.

  1. We're real people, when you call here, a person answers, not a numeric phone tree or operator robot. All Joe Florida products are designed, tested, assembled and shipped in the United States of America. We literally plug in each and every order before it leaves to ensure that you get a working, quality product.
  2. We only use top grade (A+) SMD 5050 LED chips in all of our super bright strips. They are brighter, more consistent in color and last longer than any other strips available.
  3. We lead the industry in research and development. When we release a new product, you can be confident that we've built it from the ground up and tested the heck out of it. It may take longer, but that way you get a product you can't buy anywhere else that performs exactly as you expect it to.
  4. Our controllers are filled with a special material that makes them completely water proof and tough as nails (literally). We don't recommend dunking it in water or smashing it with a hammer, but we've done it to show you how tough it really is.
  5. Our Mirage J-Link smart phone controller is the first in the industry with a brake mode, battery saver feature and was designed from the ground up (app included) in house by our team for Motorcycles. 

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