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ProSeries Sport Motorcycle 234 Multi-Color LED Kit

  • 234 LED ProSeries Ultra Bright Motorcycle Accent Light Kit with Remote Control

    This is the top of the line full body sport bike led accent light kit. This motorcycle led accent light kit comes with twenty (20) multicolor ProSeries Ultra Bright LED strips. This kit comes complete with remote controls, engine kit, road coverage kit for a great neon motorcycle underglow, and front and rear wheel kits. This full body motorcycle led kit makes some serious light. The multicolor full body kit comes with everything you need to install these bright LEDs anywhere you want on your motorcycle.

    Brake Mode is standard on the ProSeries kits. JoeFlorida invented brake mode to help our customers ride safer. When connected, brake mode enables the option for the lights to turn bright red when the brake is applied on the motorcycle. When the brake is released, the lights will go back to doing whatever they were doing prior to the brake being applied.

    As always with JoeFlorida kits, it comes with all of the necessary extension wires and everything you need for an easy installation. Each strip comes complete with heat resistant wire and our ProSeries SureFit connectors for easy installation. The front wheel multicolor flexible LED strips include six (6) feet of wire with connectors on the end for simple installation and no visible connectors.

    This kit is fully expandable. If you wish to add more LED light strips to this kit, now or later, we make it easy. The strips will come with extension wires and "Y" expansion connector ports to make installation simple. This kit can support over 1000 LEDs.

    The JoeFlorida ProSeries Ultra Bright LED light strips are our brightest yet!

    J-300 ProSeries Controller
    The LED kit comes with a 300-function remote control that can change ten different colors (Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Teal, Green, Yellow, White, Warm White, Orange) all of which have options to be run in solid mode, fade mode, flash mode, and transition mode. These modes can also be run at multiple rates. As a bonus, it also comes with two extra multicolor strobing, flashing, and transition modes.

    Comparison Chart

    Mirage J-15

    ProSeries J-300
    Number of Colors
    Number of Functions
    Waterproof Button Module
    Waterproof Controller
    Brake Mode
    SureFit Connectors

    Legal Information
    Laws governing the use of custom lighting vary from state to state. Some of these lights or some of these colors may not be street-legal in some states, and are offered for off-road or show use only. Please check with your local authorities before purchasing.

  • The kit includes:
    • Two (2) multi-color LED waterproof and shockproof multi-color flexible light strips each containing 27 super bright LED - 15 inches long
    • Two (2) multi-color LED waterproof and shockproof multi-color flexible light strips each containing 18 super bright LEDs - 10 inches long
    • Sixteen (16) multi-color LED waterproof and shockproof multi-color flexible light strips each containing 9 super bright LEDs (two of them with 6ft of wire for the front wheels) - 5 inches long
    • Each strip has connectors attached with heat resistant wire
    • Extension and connection wire
    • One (1) ProSeries Controller
    • Two (2) remotes
    • A fuse holder with two 3 amp fuses
    • 1 oz. of Joe Florida silicone sealant
    • Plastic wire ties
    • Four (4) wire splice connector
    • One (1) bottle of 3M 94 Primer included
    • Easy to install instructions
  • Click here for Installation Manual

    Strip Placement Guides: Honda CBR
    Kawasaki Ninja ZX
    Suzuki GSXR
    Suzuki Hayabusa
    Yamaha YZF R1/R6

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