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LED Facts
At JoeFlorida, Inc. we want to make sure our customers are shopping with the facts about LEDs and LED strips for motorcycles and snowmobiles. This is primarily for our customer's benefit. We admit it is also a bit selfish because we offer more LEDs, using better technology, for a better price. Once you shop, we are confident you will buy JoeFlorida LED strips.

This video showcases our LED strips with strips from two other companies. 

Here we smash a couple of LED light control boxes with a hammer.

LED Brightness Facts
JoeFlorida offers the latest in LED strips for your motorcycle, or other vehicle. Our super bright strips use the 5050 LED light strips which are the brightest strips in the industry. Most of our competitors that offer the similar number of strips use the 3528 SMD chips in LED light strips. JoeFlorida uses this technology in our Bright offering. The JoeFlorida Super Bright offering is two to three times as bright. You can see the difference in the video below. When you are comparing products please note the strips. Some of the competition will list the technology they use. Some do not.

Counting LED Facts
There are a few different ways to count LEDs when you are comparing LED strips and technology. The multicolor strips use three (3) LEDs (red, blue, and green) to mix the colors to provide all of the different colors. At JoeFlorida, we count the combination of the red, green, and blue leds as one (1) LED. There are some competitors that count this as three (3) LEDs in order to increase the stated number of LEDs they are offering. It is important that you read the descriptions and technology closely to make sure that you understand just how many LEDs you are getting.

Likewise, one of the reasons the JoeFlorida Super Bright single color strips are so bright is because the 5050 LED strip technology uses all 3 LEDs on a single chip for the same color. Again, at JoeFlorida, we count this as one (1) LED.

In summary, it is important for you to understand the difference and to understand what you are getting when you are buying LED lighting technology.

If you have any questions regarding any of the LED technology, either ours or our competition's, please feel free to call us. We will tell you the facts about the different technologies so you can make an educated decision about the right LED strips for your motorcycle.

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