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ProSeries: J-300 Multi-Color Controller

  • ProSeries: J-300 Multi-Color Controller

    The JoeFlorida ProSeries J-300 Multi-Color Controller is nearly five times more powerful than most remote controls on the market. It controls more LEDs and has more distance.

    This remote can be used in conjunction with JoeFlorida ProSeries Multi-Color Strips can be changed to ten (10) different colors including Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Teal, Green, Yellow, White, Warm White, Orange. It has 300 functions all of including solid mode, fade mode, flash mode, and transition mode. As a bonus, it also comes with two extra multicolor strobing, flashing, and transition modes.

    This product requires 12V DC power and comes with all of the instructions to get your vehicle glowing. As with all JoeFlorida products this one comes with everything you need for installation.

    Brake Mode is standard on the ProSeries kits. JoeFlorida invented brake mode to help our customers ride safer. When connected, brake mode enables the option for the lights to turn bright red when the brake is applied on the motorcycle. When the brake is released, the lights will go back to doing whatever they were doing prior to the brake being applied.

    Each strip in the ProSeries comes complete with heat resistant wire and our ProSeries SureFit connectors for easy installation. The front wheel multicolor flexible LED strips include six (6) feet of wire with connectors on the end for simple installation and no visible connectors.


    Mirage J-15

    ProSeries J-300
    Number of Colors
    Number of Functions
    Waterproof Button Module
    Waterproof Controller
    Brake Mode
    SureFit Connectors
  • Click here for Installation Manual

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